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  30 June 2017

Project Celeste is the online return of Age of Empires Online. The project requires the original game files with a custom login form. In this tutorial we are going to explain how to setup Project Celeste.

Currently the project is in closed alpha testing and you need a key to be able to enter and play. Such a key can be obtained from a friend who has a spare. It's a good idea to setup the game already, also when you don't have a key yet, because the are given away frequently and thus you can jump right in when you get one! They tend to go quickly! Subscribe to this forum to get a notification when new keys are posted within this community by members.



  30 April 2017

A video tutorial which shows you how to use redeem codes in Project Penelope version 1.3. With redeem codes you can get more ingame items like gear and slots.

  26 April 2017
For a game start trigger, choose _EmGrant Consumables. Than for the ids, these ids correspond to the consumables used:
  • 183 - Miltia Of The Empire
  • 184 - Strength Of The Empire
  • 185 - Labor Of The Empire
  • 186 - Armanda Of The Empire
  • 187 - Sudbue Of The Empire
  • 188 - Wolves
  • 189 - Vision Of The Empire
  • 190 - Resources Of The Empire
  • 191 - Priest Of The Empire
  • 192 - Crocodile
  • 193 - Siege Of The Empire
  • 194 - Wood Gathering Elephants
  • 195 - Scout Of The Empires
This will allow a way for quests to be easier for new comers into the game or who wants to create scenarios that allow a person to use those consumables.
  26 April 2017
The main goal here is to train with triggers, not to do the perfect program.


In the editor, triggers allow us to create maps. Understanding and manipulating them is important to create good maps and good quests. The main thing you have to understand with triggers is that it is divided into three parts:
  • Triggers
  • Conditions
  • Effects
  26 April 2017

A video tutorial which explains to create and edit cliffs in the editor.

You will learn advanced techniques on how to change the shape to your desired outcome.
  26 April 2017

A video tutorial which explains to paint and edit water in the editor.

You will learn advanced techniques on how to change the shape to your desired outcome.
  26 April 2017

Understanding triggers is a basic requirement for scenario design. You can use build in trigger functions or extend them with custom handling. In this tutorial you will be explained how to load and create custom triggers in your scenario editor. A bit of knowledge concerning .xml files is required.

We are going to concentrate on the user interface and remove the XP-bar and chat input to get a cleaner window while playing.

For this tutorial you are going to need the file: Penelope - basic. This contains a sample, custom trigger which basically is an instruction to the scenario.

  26 April 2017

A step by step tutorial on how to make beautifull waterfalls in Project Penelope.

You will first create the water and afterwards create the cliff and make the magic happen.
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