16 April 2017
Today we have launched the shop! It's a new feature on our website to take another step towards our goal to bring back Age of Empires Online. Mainly we have added this feature now to allow donations within our community. You can find the donation option [url=]here[/url]. [b]Why donations?[/b] is a free community for fans of Age of Empires Online. We started in 2015 and are dedicated to bring back Age of Empires Online and let fans play this game again. We intend to do this by developing an active community and supporting projects towards our goal. Volunteers donate time to If you can't contribute that way, please consider a financial donation. Donations will be used for: [ul] [li]Website hosting costs[/li] [li]Legal setup for our community[/li] [li]Saving for the possibility of future servers when a project requires them[/li] [li]Support projects by hiring professionals or pay small fees to non-professional developers[/li] [/ul] Consider making a small donation. You can freely decide on what amount to donate through PayPal only at this point. We are still working on a donation meter and a transparent view to give insight in our spendings. [b]Become legendary![/b] To make donation worthwhile we have added a few rewards to our website. When a donation above 5 euros or dollars is made you get some gifts from Minos: [ul] [li]You will receive 50 sitepoints, so if you want to jump right into the editor here's your chance[/li] [li]You will reach legendary status on our website. You can distinct legendary members by their username color[/li] [li]The 'Gifts from Minos' achievement is restored on our website and you'll get is as a reward [/li] [/ul] [b]Notes and nearby future[/b] As stated before in the '[url=]About us[/url]' description we do not intend to monetize the community or support projects who do. The shop has the intention to secure the future of the community and, as you can read in the description of the donation option, support promising projects financially. Needless to say that some spending money for our community makes things a bit easier. But as long as Project Penelope is an offline version and doesn't require resources it will remain [u]free[/u]! Next our focus will move towards the release of Project Penelope 1.3. We still hope for a release this month, so be sure to check the forums frequently for the announcement.
  30 November 2016
Today we would like to inform you about some important changes to this website for our community and also give a small peak at what is coming. The change to our newly points and achievement system effects all our members, so make sure to read it! [b]Points[/b] Longer we have been working on a point rewarding system. We have been experimenting with it the past few weeks and decided on a final setup for point awarding. The following actions are currently available: [ul] [li]Create an account - 2 points[/li] [li]Login with an account - 3 points[/li] [li]Obtain a friend - 1 point[/li] [li]Like a photo - 1 point[/li] [li]Like an album - 1 point[/li] [li]Like a video - 1 point[/li] [li]Like a profile - 1 point[/li] [li]Download a file - 2 points for the uploader[/li] [li]Upload a regular file - 2 points[/li] [li]Upload a scenario - 15 points[/li] [li]Create an album - 1 point[/li] [li]Upload a photo - 1 point[/li] [li]Link a video - 2 points[/li] [li]Post a comment - 2 points[/li] [li]Join a group - 1 point[/li] [li]Create a community group - 10 points[/li] [li]Post a new topic the forums - 5 points [/li] [li]Reply to a topic in the forums - 2 points[/li] [li]Thank a member a forum message - 1 point for the author[/li] [/ul] The awarded points have been recalculated according to this setup. In the near future we will keep adding possibilities to award members of our community for their efforts! [i]Note: The editor that can be earned for Project Penelope 1.2 requires fifthy point. Besides the editor we don't have any intentions to disclude members from community content based on the points system. The points and achievements system is primarily intented to boost community activity. This, as we believe, an active community might persuade Microsoft to bring back Age of Empires Online. If you don't want to hassle much with points, consider making a donation to our community. A donation of five euros or dollars will also award you fifthy points and thus granting access to the editor download. Read more about donations [url=]here[/url][/i] [b]Achievements[/b] Along with the points system we also introduce the awarding of achievements. They translate points into awards. These achievements are based on the setup we know from our beloved game! As for now all achievements can be earned, except for the onces related to streaming. According to site activity so far, achievements have been awarded along with the points recalculation. Only the achievement 'Relief Valve' couldn't be added automatically, because we do not track who is downloading what based on your general user id within our community. But it's an easy to achieve award ;) We welcome community suggestions for new achievements. [i]Note: Mis use of the points and / or achievements system, by for example spamming, will lead to a one week ban without warning. The third time mis use is considered a permanent IP and user ban will follow. No correspondence with administrators or moderators is possible about this policy. Let's keep it fun in here[/i] [b]Welcome message for new members[/b] New members recieve an automatic welcome message with general information about our website now. They recieve this in their messagebox on
  27 April 2016
We have added the start of the game handbook to our website. Everyone can now catch up on the game content. Over time we will also add a section of the ingame units. The handbook is in beta and needs review ingame. Statistics might be off or you'll find double items. Also detailed information on the items still needs to be extended. Our moderators will get to that once the game returns. Also we will add comments for registered users and a sort of rating / like feature. Other suggestions or contributions are welcome!