04 April 2018

FireSinging has released a development blog for future updates on their progress. You can visit this blog at

To quote their blog post:

During the past months we have kept working on 'FireSinging' and have updated our git frequently. The following has been added over the past months:
  • Player, empire and character classes
  • Quest instances (thanks to Xen0byte) and quest data to allow questing ingame
  • Various game / server communication
We are adding final items we need toward an actual, limited gameplay experience. Mainly quest rewards are being worked out at the moment and we hope to allow equiping gear onto units in the following update. Our short term roadmap:
  • Add gear equipment communication.
  • Basic testing.
  • Update git.
With basic quest rewards added one should be able to follow the game storyline for a while. Functions like optional quest rewards, lootboxes and such will still afterwards need to be added. The following ways you can contribute at this point:
  • Code suggest on the current repository.
  • Issue 32: Get right nugget data.
So far for the update!

I'll try to keep you all informed on blog posts here also.

Please note this isn't an project and we cannot provide more information at this point.