12 December 2017

FireSinging has released a development blog for future updates on their progress. You can visit this blog at

To quote their blog post:

We have reached the capital city again! By loading fixed data (which later needs to be variable) we can now enter the Greek capital city again. Download the progress from our server github to see for yourself. You cannot actually play yet, but we move on. Creating the other characters also isn't implemented yet.

What's next:

The game session gets disconnected due to chat. This will be the first to add.
Add remaining package definitions.
Administer some issues / tasks on Github.
Work on the data extraction layer for game data (certain game .xml files).

The following ways you can contribute at this point:

Code suggest on the current repository
Work out the player class based on XML

So far for the update! If you have question, shoot them by e-mail. We have Christmas holiday coming so hope to give you more updates soon!

I'll try to keep you all informed on blog posts here also.

Please note this isn't an project and we cannot provide more information at this point.