31 May 2017

A bit more then a month ago we released Project Penelope 1.3. The goal of Project Penelope always has been to get as close to the original game as possible. Penelope 1.3 introduced a form of capital cities and gears. All this based emulation (simulation of original gameplay), but not actually using Age of Empires Online game features. With Project Celeste evolving more quickly then anticipated, the community members who worked on Project Penelope feel a new version of their project became obsolete for now.

What is Project Penelope

Project Penelope is the offline version of Age of Empires Online. The project was founded by a community member who released a version of Age of Empires Online from it's beta days which had a scenario editor built in. This editor allowed you to place units, make maps, and gave you a way to play the Age of Empires Online. At this point Project Penelope supports the final version of Age of Empires Online and some of it's features. All six civilizations can be played with the right technologies, units can be equiped with gear and even some original quests can be played. All this still in offline mode only.

Offline version

Project Penelope has been used as the brand under which an offline version of Age of Empires Online has been brought to the community. The online mirror version is now known under the name Project Celeste. It is unknown if the current Project Celeste will release an offline version in the future also. If not maybe community members involved with Project Penelope will pick up their development.

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