30 October 2017
We have a new milestone to celebrate; We passed 8.000 community members! Two and a half year ago Mimi and I started the Steam group 'BringbackAOEO' and a bit moreover two years ago MrPSIHO13 started this community and it has grown towards this milestone.


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Wout Wout
2017-10-30 22:57
Thanks for organizing this vibrant community! I'm eternally grateful to be part of this active group
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mindgem mindgem
2017-10-31 17:43
Thnx! Hope to be streaming again soon and make sure Microsoft gets to know about this milestone :lol:
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Bajista Bajista
2017-10-31 21:32
I'm very happy to be part of this wonderful group. Thank you very much for making many requests come true, including mine ;-)
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nccvoyager nccvoyager
2017-11-22 05:23
I was a bit sad when they closed the servers.
In my opinion, the problems with AOEO were mainly to do with the failing GFWL service.
Microsoft knew it was failing, and instead of admitting defeat and moving to another more successful service right away, (Steam,) they tried to release a game that could bring new life into the service by requiring ongoing payment.
Unfortunately, it didn't pull in nearly enough income to keep GFWL alive, and AOEO fell with GFWL.
I hope, sincerely, that they learned from this, and don't do something like this for AOE4.

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