Penelope version 1.2: How to play after installation

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Mindgem posted on: 11 Nov 2016 08:00
Project Penelope version 1.2

Project Penelope is the offline version of Age of Empires Online. The project was founded by a community member who released a version of Age of Empires Online from it's beta days which had a scenario editor built in. This editor allowed you to place units, make maps, and gave you a way to play the Age of Empires Online. Now Project Penelope supports the final version of Age of Empires Online and some of it's features. All six civilizations can be played with the right technologies, units can be customized with vanity gear and even some original quests can be played. All this still in offline mode only.

How to play

Note: A video tutorial is done by 8anashs which you can find at . After the installation instructions in the same video is shown how to play a scenario in Project Penelope 1.2

Step 1: Downloading a scenario
Before we start the game, we first explain how to add a scenario to Project Penelope 1.2. In our download section you can find scenarios compatible with Project Penelope 1.2 .

To download a scenario there just click on the download button. You'll be noticed about a file download, normally with the file extention .age4scn.

Step 2: Adding the scenario to Project Penelope 1.2
After you have downloaded a scenario, find it on your harddrive. The downloaded file, when it is a .age4scn, needs to be copied to a directory inside the directory 'Penelope 1.2'.

Browse to the folder:

Project Penelope 1.2/Scenario/Penelope
Paste the downloaded scenario file there.

Step 3: Starting Project Penelope 1.2
To start Project Penelope 1.2 just goto your favourite game directory and into the 'Penelope 1.2' directory. Click the file 'Spartan' or 'Spartan.exe' depending on your Windows settings. Do not click any other files!

Alternatively you can make a shortcut to link the file above.

Step 4: Play a scenario
Project Penelope 1.2 comes with an easy, new way to play scenarios. When you press 'Play' in the main menu you will get the following screen, which is a file browser:

When you go into the directories 'Scenario / Penelope' you will find the scenario you copied in at step 2. Just click the scenario file and press 'Open' on the file browser.

That's it! Enjoy your scenario!
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Bajista answered: 12 Nov 2016 01:14
Thanks for this new version... :)
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Selfrighteoushealer answered: 06 Mar 2017 20:42
Thanks for the advice

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