Kaspersky blocks game's launch

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MahXPrime posted on: 25 Jul 2018 18:39
Hello ! I recently discovered Celeste project and I installed everything yesterday following the step by step tutorial.

Now my problem is, it launches perfectly well while my Kaspersky is OFF, I can play normally etc.

But when it's ON, I can't start the game, I've got immediately the "AOEOnline has stopped working" message. Under the details of this message it seems to say Spartan.exe has crashed

I've added Celeste launcher.exe and Spartan.exe into my Kaspersky exclusions, added them also into trusted apps etc but it still doesn't work while my kaspersky is ON.. Looks like the game still triggers the anti virus but I just don't know how

Not that it's hard to turn off the antivirus, it's just it doesn't feel very safe..

I've seen in another post someone has created a batch file to fix an issue with kaspersky but couldn't download the file to see if it was working for me. (outdated upload)

So yea if anyone has an idea I would be very grateful, I was already very enthusiastic to see all the work that has been done to put that game back to life and I definitely can't wait to play again :)

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