• Offline version 1.3


  06 January 2017

Below you can find a list of frequently asked questions concerning Project Penelope 1.3:

  • How do I upgrade from Project Penelope version 1.2 to 1.3?
    There is no upgrade package from Project Penelope version 1.2 to 1.3. You can do default installation by following the 'How to install' tutorial at https://aoeo4ever.net/tutorials/penelope-1-3/65-how-to-upgrade.html.
  • I get an error after installing. What do I do now?
    As always... keep breathing and continue reading! Below you can find some suggestions on what to try and / or check based on previous user questions. Make sure you run past them all and see if it might help you.

    • 1. Corrupted files:
      Try disabling your antivirus. Project Penelope tries to validate the game signature, but it can't. Some antivirus programs see this as a security risk.

    • 2. Corrupted files:
      Try enabling 'Direct Play' in Windows 10.

    • 3. Corrupted files:
      Try running the game in administrator mode.

    • 4. Missing 'D3DX9_40':
      You can download this file from the download section of our website. Place this file into the game folder and try again to start the game.

    • 5. “Game initialization failed. Please do a full scan in the launcher and try again.(CORE):
      Try to follow this tutorial.

    When the above didn't help you, please post a question in the Project Penelope related question and answer forum.

  • I get an error 'Capitalcity failed to load'?
    Make sure you copy the content of the game folder to your prefered game directory, but also make sure you copy the files from the documents folder to 'Your documents' folder in your operating system. Take a look at the 'How to upgrade' tutorial at https://aoeo4ever.net/tutorials/penelope-1-3/65-how-to-upgrade.html for more information. Also make sure you never load the CapitalCityX.age4sav's through the file browser window. These files should not be touched!

    If you have made sure the files exist in the 'Your documents' folder and you still get the error, you can alternatively try to also paste the files in the game folder as described in this forum topic. As last result you can try and download the full Project Penelope 1.3 version and not use an upgrade version.
  • How to obtain crates with gear, advisors and such?
    Quest rewards are not implemented in Project Penelope 1.3. However, that could come in a future patch. In the meantime there's a sort of temporary feature. You can give in redeem codes to obtain additionals. Those codes are provided on regulary basis within the community. To give it a go you can try the code 'op8Qw9roxgJ' (case sensitive). Scroll to a completely blank page in the inventory and then in the menu goto 'Redeem code'.
  • How do I redeem a code?
    In the bottom right, when the inventory is opened, it shows the different pages. Goto a blank inventory page (possibly page 2 or three). Then press 'esc' and redeem the code by following the menu. You just need to enter the redeem code. When you redeem it when not having a blank page selected you might not fully get the reward.
  • I cannot open chests!
    If you put in the code and conclude chests can't open click on the arrow to go to another page in your inventory and then go back to your page when the chests are. They will open now.
  • Is it possible to destroy items in my inventory that i don't need?
    No. That feature is not implemented in Project Penelope 1.3. Nor is it possible to destroy buildings once they have been placed in your capital city
  • Why do I need fifthy points to download the editor?
    The first version of Project Penelope was based on a beta editor. You needed the editor to be actually able to play the game. From Project Penelope version 1.2 the project is based on the final version of Age of Empires Online and the editor isn't required anymore. Our experience (based on the submitted scenarios on this website) is that few people make actuall use of the editor and as the editor can be seen as a spoiler we decided to not include it by default in the project. When you get into our community you'll be rewarded with experience points (like in the original game) and soon enough you will have aquired the needed points.


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Bajista Bajista
2017-04-30 19:04
code already used, I can not get more gear for my units?
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godkhatar godkhatar
2017-04-30 21:41
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jiffyette jiffyette
2017-05-01 23:48
only 2 codes guys
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Draganta Draganta
2017-05-02 14:37
Not working for me either. It says I need to run the scanner in the launcher. I tried all steps in this FAQ, I cannot enable DirectPlay, that option is not there. Any other ideas?
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mindgem mindgem
2017-05-02 21:52
Please post in the question and answer forum and provide as much info as you can on what happens so we can help
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Aizamk Aizamk
2017-05-03 04:33
I suspect you still have your steam version installed or something; were you able to play P1.2 (or older) before?

Also just in case, please check if you have any old AoEO comm logs (2012+) lying around before you launch the game for real, as we do need those.
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IamFlavio IamFlavio
2017-05-22 04:44
I'm having problems here in forums too.
When I click in the link https://www.aoeo4ever.net/forums/p-other/808-about-the-error-you-with-no-textures-my-personal-fix.html, it will ask me to log in but if I do it, doesn't work.
Anyway, I can't load capital city file too.
Downloaded 1.3 FULL, placed in a different folder.
The video on FAQ doesn't work.
I did place the Document folder (Spartan) in My Documents replacing the old Spartan folder and it worked.
Now I just need some codes :)

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