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1. Play as Sparta, conquer Athens, Thebes, Patrae, Larissa, Epiros, Maceonia 6 Major Polis and 22 Minor Polis.

2. Attack minor polis kill their garrison and get tribute!

3. Diplomacy for peace or war. (It start at age3)

4. Prepare for rebellion!


* This scenario have many triggers and objects. so I recommend save&load each hour. When you load the game. You must follow in sequence. first save. and load. You will find resources turning at zero. at this point one more time save and load. finally you can see normalized resources.

* Send your army at minor polis you can capture that. (at least two military units)

* Send your unit AI's town center when you peace with AI, You can declare war.
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bluetoxic bluetoxic
2016-08-30 06:58
:D Really appreciate and reccomend this scenario! Thanks Maltarius for bringing the great amazing work, the scenario with special new features that other scenarios don't have.You guys must have a try , don't miss it.
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Maltarius Maltarius
2016-08-30 17:59
That's pretty high praise for me. Thanks!
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Maltarius Maltarius
2016-08-30 18:00
Thank you for playing my scenario!
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mindgem mindgem
2016-08-30 19:01
You are experienced from other AOE game with the editor or all learned in the two weeks?
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Maltarius Maltarius
2016-08-30 19:38
Yes, I experienced from other AOE game.
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pakrapot pakrapot
2016-08-30 19:58
Win after 2 hours and 22 minutes. I really enjoyed it!
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mindgem mindgem
2016-08-30 20:59
* grabs organizer to plan this quest * :D
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Maltarius Maltarius
2016-08-31 06:05
Wow! I would think you were experienced all of triggers in this. Thanks!
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fengsenior fengsenior
2016-09-01 05:27
How can I break the limitation of the walls (18)
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Maltarius Maltarius
2016-09-01 05:53

Open the trigger editor, go to group Balance and find Limit_P1. Click Effects menu and remove second ~ fifth triggers.
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fengsenior fengsenior
2016-09-01 08:58
thank you,very much ,appreciate your work!
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Greendude439 Greendude439
2016-09-04 19:51
This is a very well-built scenario. The title is a bit misleading, though. I thought you would make it work like something more akin to the Total War series. Also, your knowledge of triggers seems to be pretty amazing. I probably couldn't have figured out how half the things you did here. Maybe you could make tutorials on how to make triggers like when to determine a civ should ask for peace, or some other text-based cause and effect.
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Maltarius Maltarius
2016-09-05 06:41
First, thank you for playing my scenario! I can't decide the title until finish this work. Because I don't know nuance of english word perfectly. If this title makes a misleading, I'm sorry about that. Yes, I motivated Total War series, above all, Shogun2. Some triggers complicated work, but most of triggres very simple. For example, diplomacy triggers work like a switch. When age3, if civ haven't their military unit less then 30(condition), they will send to player choice dialog tirgger and If you select That's good, peace trigger and declare war trigger will be activate(Effect). War triggers also same like this. I recommend you open this scenario and delete triggers excepting P1, P2's triggers and research it. If you want detailed tutorial, PM me I'll upload photo tutorial on forum. I hope you understand my lack of english :D
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darkgorgoth darkgorgoth
2016-12-06 22:09
wonderful scenario.. i gave eleven bro.. maybe you can add heroes the next version.. king leonidas, maybe agamemnon like and etc. i dont know how can add heroes in the scenario by the way...

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