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This scenario is skirmish based, but there are many new rules and goals. Occupy Minor Polis and engage in diplomatic or warfare with major polis such as Athens or Thebes. Do not be relieved that you have taken over. Build a town center in your area and fortify it to prepare for rebellion. Lead the Spartans and conquer other city nations to create an empire!
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Maltarius Maltarius
2016-11-19 21:02
Tutorial Video

Another tips
* Keep in mind that when you capture the Major Polis, there should be no enemy buildings or soldiers in the vicinity.
* If you want to fight when you are in armistice with the enemy, send the unit to the enemy camp.
* If a rebel army arises, the rebel building must be somewhere in the headquarters of that civilization. The rebellion is suppressed when the building is broken.

also you can download previous version of scenario (It's only works in PP1.1)
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Chromepixels Chromepixels
2016-11-19 22:37
Gonna give it a try right now, thanks for your work
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Maltarius Maltarius
2016-11-20 10:00
Thank you for playing my scenario. :)
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danigonlinea danigonlinea
2016-11-20 03:33
This quest is infinitive Maltarius!!! haha!!

I had really much fun but after 3 hours I stopped because I was tired, there is a point in the middle of the map that I was receiving attacks from left and right XD. Once you defeat a civilization, it doesnt matter because it still will appearing! (I destroyed all buldings for Yellow Civ and Macedonia and still appearing.. Athens is the only who dies) and never ending! so it is impossible to get all the tower. I played on hard difficulty and it was crazy!
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Maltarius Maltarius
2016-11-20 10:04
You must have been attacked by Macedonia and Epiros. Your effort is expected to take over the Thebes(yellow) on hard difficulty. well done! I am expecting you to upload 8gb of video. Anyway, I took your 3 hours. :D

* It is recommended to use siege weapons in the latter half.
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danigonlinea danigonlinea
2016-11-20 03:34
I have video of 8 gigas ... I will upload it next week ;)
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Maltarius Maltarius
2016-11-20 10:06
Hope you enjoy this :)
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bosrobo bosrobo
2016-11-22 23:37
map visual is detail & good
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Lyris Lyris
2016-11-23 18:32
nice took me 4 hours to complete it but it was very nice thank you
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petrus petrus
2016-11-23 18:56
very advanced but also demanding scenario, pls Maltarius make more ;-)
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Pharos_Avaris Pharos_Avaris
2016-11-27 14:09
you are the King of Triggers bro... 8)
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munizz munizz
2017-01-17 04:50
Very nice you maps, thanks brother
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577tom 577tom
2017-04-25 08:05
Great Scenario bro! Took me a couple tries to beat the game, but finally did. I was wondering if you would put in different difficulties for 1.3 so that more people would be able to complete the scenario? Anyways, great work and hope to see it in 1.3!!

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