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Viejas noticias / Old news - feeling cool

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well i thought I was screwed, because of my geographic location, I wasn't able to download AOEO from steam server.
fortunately I was able to do so from the original installer. Just check C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Age of Empires Online directory
So if any one of you had issue in the future try this https://mega.nz/#!VB83QaCD!TKIKPD7-VQIcMfbICd2BHNTM-hMkIn3vnlzKpo3_n0o , just double click on AOEOnline.exe


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Join me ! - feeling festive

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Oh yeah baby, some nostalgia - feeling sad

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I'm so agree with you, leveling up, one of the best parts, and also get the empire points to unlock additional content. Let's support these guys!