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Warboss36 created a new topic ' Increase AI aggression' in the forum.
1 year ago

Just want to get out of the way that I think you guys have done a phenomenal job with Project Penelope and i hope there is lots of amazing progress still going on behind the scenes!

I am having an issue with the AI during any given skirmish, the computer builds cities fine with all buildings normally but produces a MASSIVE amount of villagers and no military units. I have messed with numerous different triggers and different AI profiles but nothing quite seems to hit the sweet spot so i am wondering if anyone else has had this issue or a similar one and solved it? Maybe we need a quick start thread for AI to help new people get great skirmishes/ quests running quickly with the best most efficient AI behaviour possible. I've been mostly trawling though AOE3 threads on modifying AI behaviour but as i said no good solution.

Thanks again for any help anyone can give!

Also, I have edited my favourite Art for AOEO to get rid of the logo and the weird green blobs on the left-hand side to make an awesome wallpaper as a thank you!