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Millard replied to the topic 'AoEo New Feature: Convert Unit(s) to Player #' in the forum. 7 months ago

Are we talking about converting a unit to a different player? If so I think your missing the condition, I had a scenario I made a while a ago where when the celt scout reached a town centre in the middle of the map the building and farms etc changed to player one.

As an example and assuming your talking about the convert trigger then as an example throw down a greek scout as player one and a greek town centre as player two, then in scenario tab ally player one and two by giving them the same team number, then add a trigger set the condition as unit selected and set that to player one greek scout, then set the effect as convert and select the player two town centre and choose to convert it to player one. Run the scenario and when you click the greek scout it will change the red player two town centre to a blue player one town centre. The condition can be changed to other conditions depending on what you want.

If your talking about something entirely different then just ignore me lol


Millard replied to the topic 'Celtic Quest Help' in the forum. 7 months ago

One of the triggers is set on a loop and that is what causes the lag, can't remember which off the top of my head


Millard replied to the topic 'Increase AI aggression' in the forum. 8 months ago

Have you tried aiskirmishloaderstandard as this is the working ai file for 1.1.


Millard replied to the topic 'hey help me' in the forum. 8 months ago

Ibrahimtr3148 wrote:


just waiting for the enemy to do nothing
help me !!

image :http://hizliresim.com/bbnMkj

The scenario you are playing is designed to work with Penelope version 1.1, using the beta version 2183 you will not be able to play this mission correctly, Please wait for version 1.1 to release later this week.


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