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Bartjaah replied to the topic '1st FREE GIVEAWAY - Some Hard Work !!!' in the forum.
4 months ago

Thank you for this opportunity, I'll be on discord!
Good luck to all!


Bartjaah replied to the topic 'Project Penelope 1.3 - Announcement' in the forum.
6 months ago

YES! This is what we've all been waiting for. This looks great!
You guys really made work of this, finally it's getting in shape.

I will play 1.3 a bit but not too much, I will be waiting for the day the XP (leveling) is back, saving progress and (offline/LAN) multiplayer.

I know it sounds too much to ask right now, but I'm having my fingers crossed you guys will get stuff done (right).

Thanks for all of the hard work (so far, and in the furure!)



Bartjaah replied to the topic 'Official scenario' in the forum.
12 months ago

leow193 wrote:

So I just found this video
Does anybody know if it is legit or not ?

Ha, that's my video. Yeah it's legit. It was something that I just found out (few months ago) a few days after Project Penelope launched.