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Toetje583 replied to the topic 'help' in the forum.
2 weeks ago

kodeman wrote: okay, so i downloaded the file now, how do i start up the game? or even play the game, i don't see anything within the file to start the game

Please get a look into:

How To Install

And updates can be found here:


Please note that you will need to have an invite key, if you don't you won't be able to play.

Best Regards,



2 weeks ago
Toetje583 created a new topic ' Would love to get back in action!' in the forum.
2 weeks ago

HI all,

I would love to get back in action playing AOE Online, and help finding bugs etc. I did some Alpha testing for a few other projects like:

- World of Warships
- Word of Warplanes
- Navyfield II

To be honest I never believed you guys would get this back in action, don't get me wrong i'm just surprised.
I tried project Penelope, and on that moment I thought that more then a single-player experience is just not reachable. If there is anything I can do to help you guys and or contribute in anyway just let me know.

Btw is there any official Discord server?:woohoo:

Best Regards,



8 months ago
Toetje583 replied to the topic 'any news / plans for 1.3 ?' in the forum.
8 months ago

They don't need to host it on private servers B) (Server costs are not that cheap and as the project is not about making $$$ it would be a logical choice to write binaries so that we can host or own server). If all of this is even possible.

I'm just downloading 1.2 and i'm going to freshup some of my memory wich i lost somewhere in 2012.!!!