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1 year ago
Nehlayadyuk created a new topic ' Age Upgrade BUG' in the forum.
1 year ago

Hello guys!

I have a huge problem with age upgrade. I downloaded 1.2 directly and run lots of scenarios from 1.2 and 1.1 but in every single scenario I get a strange problem. when I click on "upgrade age" button in town center, it upgrades the age but does not let me use the futures. for example in Legendary Soloi quest I directly upgrade to 4th age and when I try to make elephant archer from the fortress, it says "this unit is not available until age 4" with red color.. it doesn't even show "IV" icon on the top and doesn't use resources to upgrade the age.

3-4 days ago I found this awesome project in youtube. I wanted to make a surprise to my litle brother which is a HUGE fun of this game. He cryed a lot after Microsoft shut down all the servers. I correctly installed the game and I showed him the game and he screamed like an animal :lol: but when we realize this strange bug, He was disappointed. please help us!


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