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Msr replied to the topic 'Creating random map templates in C#' in the forum.
1 year ago

Voidheart wrote:

Do you know how i can debug the C# script? Im trying to find a way how to use Info() which seems to be a output function?

I think the RandomMap.dll is a managed wrapper binary so most methods in there only invokes the corresponding function in the main executable.

For now I'm using "Warning" and "Error" over "Info" as the formers' output is displayed in command console. Perhaps there's a switch somewhere that supresses output from Info.


Msr replied to the topic 'Random Map Scripting' in the forum.
1 year ago

MrPSIHO13 wrote:

ok here are some what i have found from our users ;)

Inland - Coastal - Big isnland -> 100% work

Some others -> 80% Work

Is there an API for setting the civilizatiosn for AI player?. It seems that all AI players defaults to Greek.



1 year ago