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Pr1nc3 replied to the topic 'Issues with Save and Load and AIs' in the forum.
8 months ago

Hello again, I didn't keep the ones with the triggers, but I wanted to re-add them now.

I have no idea what's going on anymore, in PP1.3 editor nothing seems to work, not even unlocking units and buildings, however in Celeste editor a few buildings could be unlocked while many others just didn't show up.

I already wasted days with this, which is too much for a few hours of enjoyment that didn't even work out. I'll leave it and possibly return for FireSinging in a couple of months or so.

Thank you anyways! :)


Pr1nc3 replied to the topic 'Issues with Save and Load and AIs' in the forum.
8 months ago

Hello Mindgem, here is the link to my scenario:

I cleared all the triggers, hoping you can add just the right ones, I would really appreciate it. :)
Also what about the AI files, why don't they work for me, do they have to do something with the triggers?
And finally, what about the save/load feature? :)

Thank you so much for the time you're taking to check it!


Pr1nc3 created a new topic ' Issues with Save and Load and AIs' in the forum.
8 months ago

Hi everyone!

I'm back enjoying Project Penelope again! At least that was my plan until nothing seemed to work out. All I am trying to achieve is creating my own scenario, playing it and being able to save / load the game.

Note: I am including here everything rather than creating a new topic for half of the issue in a different category, sorry if that's an issue.

I use PP 1.3

Issue 1: I am able to create a scenario, though I am not sure if I am doing it right, I've been messing with it for 2 days to make it work while "researching" forums. I re-created it in PP 1.2, same happens.

AIs don't do anything (aside from attacking me if I pass by, villagers are sleeping well though), I added triggers and resources around them. I also set the player's data as computer and added dozens of AI .xs files (one at a time).

What happens and what I assume is the issue: No matter what AI .xs file is added it does't ever work on game start. I receive errors about the .xs files that cannot be compiled, sometimes I can continue playing while other times it freezes completely on this message.

Note: I downloaded custom scenarios and the same thing is happening (without error messages), soldiers, towers attack me if I pass by, but villagers count sheep.

Issue 2:

Save / load feature doesn't seem to work.

I figured from the forums that after I save a game, I can't load it right away from the menu. If I am right I have to start another scenario and then access the quick menu and load the game, is it so?

Well, the issue comes with saving the game. I was able to save third party scenarios, though load never worked for me, but I couldn't save the ones I created. The saving notification box didn't appear at all and no save game files were found at all in folders (after cleaning those of 3rd parties of course).

I would really need fixes for these 2. I can play Project Celeste, but I cannot enjoy it! I am looking for long term gaming experience on huge maps with save/load feature. So Project Penelope is my choice but I need help with this.


Extra Issue (I don't really need this but whatever):
Regardless if whether or not I add the save files PP 1.3 comes with to the Documents folder, capital city never ever loads, though I didn't do my research on this subject.