By showing Microsoft Game Studios that a large community is interested in this game, we believe it is possible to convince Microsoft Game Studios to relaunch Age of Empires Online and make it accessible again for their fans!

Needless to say a large and active community also motivates current, other projects who work on bringing Age of Empires Online back or could inspire new projects.

Help us extending our community

The daily active userbase of Age of Empires Online was near the end around 12.000. We need to reach out to those players and notice them about our community and projects concerning the return of Age of Empires Online. Even until today Age of Empires Online is considered a unique game, so it might also interest new players.

We really need your help to extend our community. Below you can find some suggestions on how to help us. If you have more please post them in this forum:

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Share videos
Videos say more then a thousand words. You can share your own videos or use gameplay videos from our YouTube channel
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Help us maintain our community

To maintain and extend our community we have several community member working on a voluntary basis. Each of them working in a certain role. Current roles are: Frequently we add listings here for new additions to our team, community or projects. Keep checking this page regularly to see how you can help us maintaining or developing further When we have openings, you can find them below.

Help us by a donation

Volunteers donate time to If you can't contribute that way, please consider a financial donation. Donations will be used to secure the future of the community and support promising projects financially. We do not intend to monetize the community or support projects who do. You can freely decide on what amount to donate through PayPal only at this point.

Read more about donations here.

Wanted: C++ developer

Added on 07 October 2016  |  Added by mindgem
We are looking for one or more C++ developers. We have a small group of developers familiar with C++ but could more in a dedicated team to help us towards our goal in bringing back Age of Empires Online. View the role description here or contact us for more information

Wanted: Video artist

Added on 07 October 2016  |  Added by mindgem
On our frontpage for non-registered visitors we have an old gameplay video of Age of Empires Online. For our project we are looking for a custom, catchy promotional video to explain about Age of Empires Online and If you can create a custom video please contact us