Advisors can be equiped after obtaining the Advisor Hall around level 8. They give the player advantages when aging up during a match or quest. A player must reach a level 8 home city to use age 1 and 2 advisors, level 10 to use age 3 advisors and level 15 to use age 4 advisors. There can be only one advisor active for each age, so making choices how to effect your gameplay is required. Do you go in age 1 for less build time or cheaper villagers?

Advisors can be looted from quests, traded with other players, or bought from a city stores. Each advisor has four versions and you can recognize these by the color of their framework:

  • Common (Grey)
  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)

Note: Greek, Egyptian, Persian, Celtic civilizations have unique unit advisors. You can only use them for the corresponding civilization.

Amunet the Wise

Epic  |  Age III  |  Egyptian only
Temple upgrades cost 75% less

Apprentice Mason Philon

Epic  |  Age I
Buildings build in 20% less time

Archer Sergeant Timon

Epic  |  Age II
Ranged units train in 15% less time

Architect Tycho

Epic  |  Age IV
Wonders build in 50% less time

Battlemaster Theokoles

Epic  |  Age IV
Infantry units have 10% more health

Blacksmith Kosmas

Epic  |  Age III
Ranged units are able to snare enemy units on attack, slowing them by 20%

Blademaster Khaba

Epic  |  Age IV  |  Egyptian only
Khopesh Swordsman Champion can be trained at the Fortress

Bolt-Carrier Seleucus

Epic  |  Age IV  |  Greek only
Ballistas deal 30% more damage

Camel Whisperer Hathor

Epic  |  Age III
Cavalry units deal 20% bonus damage against Siege and Ranged units

Castle Builder Sostrate

Epic  |  Age III
Fortresses build in 35% less time

Cavalry Sergeant Hermolaos

Epic  |  Age II
Cavalry units train in 15% less time

Chariot Rider Leotarios

Epic  |  Age IV  |  Celtic only
War Chariot Champion can be trained at the Fortress

Charioteer Bahadur

Epic  |  Age IV  |  Persian only
Scythed Chariot Champion can be trained at the Fortress

Chieftain Britomartus

Epic  |  Age IV
Town Centers have 50% more health, deal 50% more damage, and build in 50% less time

Chieftain Combutis

Epic  |  Age II
Barracks cost 25% less

Chieftain Dumnorix

Epic  |  Age II
Caravans cost 50% less and move 10% faster

Closet Organizer Irene

Epic  |  Age I
Storehouse upgrades cost 75% less

Commander Bolgios

Epic  |  Age III
Fortresses cost 15% less

Commander Cassivellaunos

Epic  |  Age III
Cavalry units move 10% faster

Commander Vercassivellaunos

Epic  |  Age III
Infantry units move 10% faster