Penelope version 1.2: How to install after download

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Mindgem posted: 10 Nov 2016 17:35
Project Penelope version 1.2

Project Penelope is the offline version of Age of Empires Online. The project was founded by a community member who released a version of Age of Empires Online from it's beta days which had a scenario editor built in. This editor allowed you to place units, make maps, and gave you a way to play the Age of Empires Online. Now Project Penelope supports the final version of Age of Empires Online and some of it's features. All six civilizations can be played with the right technologies, units can be customized with vanity gear and even some original quests can be played. All this still in offline mode only.

How to install

Note: A video tutorial is done by 8anashs which you can find at

Step 1: Extracting download
After the download of the torrent-file finishes you'll have a new ZIP-file. This is a compressed file which you can extract by using for example winRAR.

Step 2: Copying the files from the download directory
After you have extracted the ZIP-file you have a new directory with two sub-directories:
  1. Penelope 1.2: This is the actual game directory
  2. My documents: This is an optional directory to use if you haven't played Project Penelope before
Copy the directory 'Penelope 1.2' to your favourite game directory, for example C:\Games\.

Optional step is to copy the 'Spartan' directory found under 'My documents' to the your documents-folder. You only need to do this if you haven't played / installed Project Penelope before.

That's it!

How to play

We have made a small tutorial on how to play after installation: Penelope version 1.2: How to play after installation

How to solve errors on installation

Below you will find a list of error which can be common after installing Project Penelope. Try the described solution to fix it.
  • Spartan.exe won't fire
    Turning of Antivirus program might help
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Bajista answered: 12 Nov 2016 01:16
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