Installing Project Penelope version 1.1

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Mindgem posted: 17 Jun 2016 05:56
Project Penelope version 1.1

There was a version of the Age of Empires Online from long before release that had a scenario editor built in. This part of the code wasn't intended to be accessed and was locked away in more recent versions. This editor allowed you to place units, make a map, and click "playtest" which gave you a way to play the Age of Empires Online. Project Penelope is the return of this game version and only allows you to access this editor.

In Project Penelope version 1.1 the following mods are included:
  • Six civilizations: The final version of Age of Empires Online included six civilizations like Norse, Celts and Persians. Those civilizations are now available in the editor
  • Skirmish difficulty: When you now 'PlayTest' a skirmish scenario you can select a difficulty level
  • Technology tree: The final version technologies of Age of Empires Online are now available in the editor
  • Vanity: Buildings and units can now be equiped with vanity items to change their visual style
  • Save game: Game progress can now be saved

How to install

Note: A video tutorial is done by Gryphus which you can find at

Step 1: Downloading Project Penelope version 1.1
In our download section you can find the a torrent file which allows you to download Project Penelope version 1.1. A torrent file is a computer file that contains metadata about files and folders to be distributed within the BitTorrent file distribution system. This means you require a BitTorrent client to actually download the game files of Project Penelope. For example you can use this free Bittorrent client . A video tutorial on how to install this client can be found here .

After installing the client just download the game torrent and double click the file on your computer after download. This will add it to the client and starts downloading Project Penelope version 1.1.

Step 2: Copying the files from the download directory
After the download of the torrent-file finishes you'll have a new ZIP-file. This downloaded ZIP-file contains two directories and and a README file with installation instructions just like this tutorial. The directories are:
  1. Project Penelope version 1.1 - Final: This is the actual game directory
  2. Spartan: This is a directory created by the game in the your documents-folder
Copy the directory 'Project Penelope version 1.1' to your favourite game directory, for example C:\Games\. Optional step is to copy the 'Spartan' directory to the your documents-folder. We have included some custom scenarios in the download to get you started. You can also download these scenarios later from the download section .

Step 3: Editing Windows HOSTS file
If you are new to Project Penelope you will need to make this extra step to be able to play. Age of Empires Online was, as the name states, required an online connection. Project Penelope emulates this connection.
Therefore you are required to edit the HOSTS file:
  1. Go to folder C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc
  2. Find the file named HOSTS (with no extension) and copy it to your desktop (also make sure you make a backup of this file)
  3. Open the file with Notepad
  4. Add the following at the end of that file "". Make sure there isn't an #-sign before your entry
  5. Save the file after editing making sure the name of the file remains HOSTS without an extension
  6. Overwrite the original HOSTS in the folder C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc with the one you just edited
You can also download a pre-edited HOSTS-file here . Make sure you haven't made other alterations to your current one.

How to play

After installation, please read this tutorial on how to play Project Penelope version 1.1.

How to solve errors on installation

Below you will find a list of error which can be common after installing Project Penelope. Try the described solution to fix it.
  • Error: When I try to adjust the game resolution it isn't saved (and shuts the game down)
    Solution: Try to click 'Windowed mode' in the same menu
  • Error: When I try start Project Penelope I get an error of missing xlive.dll
    Solution: Download this version of xlive.dll and place it in the game directory of Project Penelope
If you have problems after installing the game this decribed way, post them here and we will try to sort them out! Don't hesitate to do. After all this community is about playing Age of Empires Online again!

Alternatively you could try:
  • Uninstall GFWL (games for windows live marketplace)
  • Go to where you put the game files and find within that folder the folder "files". Copy the files "xlive.dll" and "xlive.ini" to c:\windows\system32 and overwrite if necessary
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