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Mordalthunder replied to the topic 'Project Penelope 1.2 new download changes' in the forum. 4 months ago

Thanks for the quick responds.

I might agree on the register part, but it still suprises me that you need the 50 points for the editor.

I suggest maby a ´request editor access´ post where you can post a request to recieve the editor, this would not promote spamming the forum to gain the 50 points but also make it limited to access and you are still in control who gets access to the editor.


Mordalthunder created a new topic ' Project Penelope 1.2 new download changes' in the forum. 4 months ago


The whole point in having a community grow is to have lots of awesome maps that are created by the community, while also attracting lots of new people that want to play the game.

By needing the register on the forums to download the client alone would make me as a 'new' member not even consider starting to play this game, now I also need 50 points to make maps for this game this just blows my mind.

Any reason why this was done? Are there too many people playing this game?

If you want to let this game die, the download change is a sure way to do it...