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blue team replied to the topic 'Project Penelope version 1.2 - Announcement' in the forum. 1 month ago


But do i still have to change the Hosts file? I still dont want to take any chances on that. If not then i will wait for a future update


blue team has liked a Video 1 month ago

AoEO Custom Scenario - Adventure of Druid

I made a sample RPG scenario with a AoEO Penelope v 1.1 There are five spell you can learn (ex: Fire spell, Summoning spell) and two items that can...

blue team replied to the topic 'Is it risky to edit the Windows HOSTS file?' in the forum. 1 month ago

thats good, but i still need to overwrite the original hosts file, and im too afraid to do that. The smallest mistake can be disasterous. I just wouldnt reccomend anyone doing this, unless they are like professional programmers or something