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Administrator is an online community, where people can get support and information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week related to our goal in bringing back Age of Empires Online, Project Penelope and our community. Moderators help to provide a welcoming and safe environment for (potential) players; they provide support to the community and enforce rules when necessary.


  • Hosting the community alongside the administrators, ensuring contributions are relevant, welcoming and supportive
  • Regulary contribute to discussions in the forums and other parts of this website
  • Visiting the community at least four times per week and processing as many of the contributions of members as manageable
  • Posting messages to welcome new members to the community and ensuring that posts are replied to
  • Reporting contributions that are offensive or may cause concern to administrators or other moderators
  • Removing ‘SPAM’ contributions
  • Moving contributions to the appropriate sections where necessary, or reporting wrongly placed contributions to administrators

Current administrators

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